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Is there an assertion built into Nunit that checks all properties between 2 objects are the same, without me having to override Equals?

I'm currently using reflection to Assert each individual property for a pair of objects.

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I don't believe there is.

Assert.AreEqual compares non-numeric types by Equals.
Assert.AreSame checks if they refer to the same object

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You can write framework agnostic asserts using a library called Should. It also has a very nice fluent syntax which can be used if you like fluent interfaces. I had a blog post related to the same.


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https://github.com/kbilsted/StatePrinter has been written specifically to dump object graphs to string representation with the aim of writing easy unit tests.

  • It comes witg Assert methods that output a properly escaped string easy copy-paste into the test to correct it.
  • It allows unittest to be automatically re-written
  • It integrates with all unit testing frameworks
  • Unlike JSON serialization, circular references are supported
  • You can easily filter, so only parts of types are dumped


class A
  public DateTime X;
  public DateTime Y { get; set; }
  public string Name;

You can in a type safe manner, and using auto-completion of visual studio include or exclude fields.

  var printer = new Stateprinter();
  printer.Configuration.Projectionharvester().Exclude<A>(x => x.X, x => x.Y);

  var sut = new A { X = DateTime.Now, Name = "Charly" };

  var expected = @"new A(){ Name = ""Charly""}";
  printer.Assert.PrintIsSame(expected, sut);
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