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I'm using a jquery plugin called DataTables, and it requires me to return a json string in order to render the table.

Currently, the outputted json looks like this (see the aaData array):


I'm wondering if the { } braces should actually be in the aaData array. In fact, I think the braces are actually what's causing the JSON parse error.

The actual code that generates this is listed below. (core->dbh is a PDO handle)


$core = Core::get_instance();

        $sql = 'SELECT ID, idPatient, idFacility, idTreatment
                FROM Pathology WHERE idPatient = 122342';

        $stmt = $core->dbh->prepare($sql);


        // bind parameters

        // prepare output for DataTables

        $data = array("sEcho" =>intval($_GET['sEcho']),
                      "aaData" =>array()

        while($result = $stmt->fetchAll()) {

                $data['aaData'][] = $result;


            echo json_encode($data);


Could someone please tell me how can I remove the curly braces, or if the JSON is improperly formatted in another way that could be causing the parse error?


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The JSON is fine. You are encoding it with PHP via json_encode, that can't be the problem. My guess would be that by doing this $data['aaData'][] = $result; you are nesting twice (see the double brackets) your results and the plugin fails. Try this: $data['aaData'] = $result;

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Yes, i think so. Result is a array of rows. – Andrey Vorobyev Jul 20 '12 at 12:34

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