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I have a ListBox with atleast 1000 items each of class say "Data" that has a "Name" property. I also have a text box above the listbox used for filtering items in the listbox based on your input text. How do I go about performing a fast lookup of items in the listbox.

I tried doing something like this: In the textBox_textChanged event, I get the text, and use the CollectionViewSource class to filter out items but this results in a very jerky ui. ( I am filtering out items by taking the Name property on my Data class and doing a string.Contains() call)

Are there ways to speed up the search? Thanks.

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Possible duplicate:… – GazTheDestroyer Jul 20 '12 at 12:31
Do you get any better performance by binding to a ListCollectionView using the Filter property to filter your set? – Dan Busha Jul 20 '12 at 13:06

I use LINQ to filter thousands with great response time.

FTSwordFilter is the filter. When it is changed I call NotifgyPropertyChanged on filtered list.

return FTSwords.Where(ftsWrd => ftsWrd.StemStartsWith(FTSwordFilter));

public Boolean StemStartsWith(string stemStart)
        return (WordStem).StartsWith(stemStart);

Just replace StartsWith with Contains

I also have an option for fuzzy filtering using DamerauLevenshteinDistance

I was doing it on a background task but it is fast enough that I moved it to the foreground.

I added a 2/10 second delay to allow for entering multiple characters.

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