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We are generate access token using this link :

and it give us a access_token like this : AQRtositr-Km47sometextwohp-7heCCDHmKE

But now when we are authenticate our facebook app as a native android app its give access token like this : ABBDSqE43jFSSbrS7ujvyLZClfyKDCZBhAuLXTtr9nwelj4MFwlijzejljEoNItC3lijzm3shemzq3jDFCdAZD

So i want to ask how to generate App access token on native android app.

please suggest me


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Why don't you show the code of what you have already tried –  Blundell Jul 20 '12 at 12:41

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Follow the guidelines provided in this link. It will solve your issue.

Linking Facebook with Android App

hope it helps

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Thanks for reply...Res im follow this link and after this im get this access token : ABBDSqE43jFSSbrS7ujvyLZClfyKDCZBhAuLXTtr9nwelj4MFwlijzejljEoNItC3lijzm3shemzq3jD‌​FCdAZD its USER access tokens . So i want to ask how to get APP ACCESS TOKEN. –  Amit Jul 20 '12 at 12:52
@Amit - There is no such thing as an app access token. Please edit your question and try to describe more detailed which exact steps you have problems with. –  Jan Gerlinger Jul 20 '12 at 13:03

Create a Async Request handler in android & communicate with facebook graph API.

This link will give you further directions

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@Amit @Jan Gerlinger There is such a thing as an App Access Token. Please see this link.

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