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Take a look at my site -> mangtolo. When you click at the big comment button's image (exactly on the image), it doesn't take you anywhere. But when you click the surrounding a tag background, the link works.

How do I make it clickable(img tag) so that it takes me to the comment page? Is it supposed to be clickable but the structure of my html or CSS doesn't permit it?

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<div id="fblikebutton"> is positioned relative and is rendered on top of your comment button. Add a background-color and you'll see that it's blocking the comment button.

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ooppss... never mind , just realized I had inline styling. It overrides it. –  siaooo Jul 20 '12 at 13:15

if you'll change the CSS for #fblikebutton from

/* line 344 in home.css (according to Firebug) */
padding-left: 100px;


margin-left: 100px;

it will fix your problem (which was that the Facebook like button was on top of that comment)

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thanks.. but I found simpler solution, turns out I had inline styling lol but +1 anyways –  siaooo Jul 20 '12 at 13:18

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