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I an in complete despair...

Here's my code:

ControlChannelTrigger theChannel = new ControlChannelTrigger("channelId", 15, ControlChannelTriggerResourceType.RequestHardwareSlot); 

which always throws an UnauthorizedAccessException (HRESULT 0x80070005).

Here's a manifest I use

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Package xmlns="">
  <Identity Name="cf45d5c8-2936-4d1f-9075-51a87ceb60ba" Publisher="CN=snuk182" Version="" />
    <Resource Language="x-generate" />
    <Application Id="App" Executable="$targetnametoken$.exe" EntryPoint="Applic.App">
      <VisualElements DisplayName="Applic" Logo="Assets\Logo.png" SmallLogo="Assets\SmallLogo.png" Description="Applic" ForegroundText="light" BackgroundColor="#464646" ToastCapable="true">
        <LockScreen Notification="badgeAndTileText" BadgeLogo="ImageResources\badge.png" />
        <DefaultTile ShowName="allLogos" WideLogo="ImageResources\widelogo.png" />
        <SplashScreen Image="Assets\SplashScreen.png" />
        <Extension Category="windows.backgroundTasks" Executable="$targetnametoken$.exe" EntryPoint="Applic.BackgroundTask">
            <Task Type="controlChannel" />
    <Capability Name="removableStorage" />
    <Capability Name="internetClient" />

Have not found any answer either here or in web. Have no idea what's going on...

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Have you tried adding the local network capability? – Larry Osterman Jul 20 '12 at 17:16
Tried the next changes with no success: <Capability Name="internetClientServer" /> <Capability Name="privateNetworkClientServer" /> <Capability Name="removableStorage" /> <Capability Name="internetClient" /> Have not found any "local" network cap. – snuk182 Jul 21 '12 at 13:24

Haha, I've sorted it out. It was too obvious to do it before the weekend. I had to mark my application as Lock Screen app in System Settings. Thanks everybody.

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Originally i couldnt figure out how to "mark my application as Lock Screen app in System Settings" but found it here and wanted to share enter image description here

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