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Can somebody throw some light with a basic working example for a Dependency Injection Container (DIC) in PHP?

I know this is a sort of vague question, I have been going through some examples especially from Fabian Potencier where he explained what is DI in PHP in a good way with a working example.

Apart from Fabian I went through some more articles, but I am in search of a working example for DIC, so that guys like me will get a better understanding with a simple working example.

May be a small explanation why we need to use DIC would also be helpful, like in which context will it come in handy and so.


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I dont know if you read that article:

but it helped me to understand the advantages of DI

Richard Miller had also a good presentation about why to use DI:

It gives just dummy code examples, but you surely will recognize some real world issues.

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If you had not read so far this article, I can highly suggest it:

It's not too long but not too short either. Per the Container, it talks about PicoContainer which was originally written in Java. A PHP variant of it exists:

Documentation specific to PicoContainer is:

I described a very rudimentary Service Locator for PHP in some other answer (Safe alternatives to PHP Globals (Good Coding Practices)), however it's more a lazy initialization pattern I'd say. But you asked for much simplified things, so probably that is of use.

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