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I am new to jQuery and I'm trying to use the draggable and droppable interactions. Is there a way to set the droppable selector when the box is dragged? I've tried parsing the draggable selector in the drag event, setting a value to a variable and using the variable as the droppable selector but the variable never gets changed when the drop event is executed. Here is my JSFiddle code:


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what do you mean by "set the droppable selector"? – Alnitak Jul 20 '12 at 14:24
the $(this) in drag: SetSelector($(this).attr("id")), isn't your object. – Mario Cesar Jul 20 '12 at 14:29

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When you call $(section).droppable({...}) that only applies to whatever value section had at the time you called it.

You can't go and change section later (per your SetSection function) and expect your previous call to .droppable to still apply.

You need to call .droppable() inside your SetSection function - it necessary removing the droppable state from whichever element previously had it.

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Did you mean something like this?

I did the binding and unbinding of the droppable selector in the start and stop events! Furthermore I tweaked the Selector method a bit.

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