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Im making some code to interact with an API, In order to use the API you need to get a session-key that you use for the rest of the requests, the session-key will become invalid after a while, so the code also needs to be prepared to reauth.

The code itself is not relevant nor the API since its a question about how to design the flow of the code, I'm looking for the best way to do it.

I don't have the code (javascript/node.js) here but here is basicly how it looks in pseudocode:

function getResult {
  data = foobar
  return getData(data, callback)

function getData(data, callback) {
  *building query (including the session-key) and getting data via http*
  if error == noauth
    // What should happen here, I need to rerun the query

function auth {
  data = foobar
  getData(data, callback(?))
  // it returns a session-key to use 
  //What should happen here?
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I'd do something like:

function GetAuth(auth_params)
    // get session key
    return session key;

function MyAPIWorker(auth_params)
    this._auth_params = auth_params;
    this._current_auth = null;

    if (this._current_auth == null)
    this._current_auth = GetAuth();
    var result = action(this._current_auth);
    if (result == no_auth_error)
    this._current_auth = GetAuth();
    result = action(this._current_auth);
    return result;

then to use it you do:

worker = new MyAPIWorker(/* auth params here */);
worker.do(function (sessionKey) { /* do something with session key */});
/** blah blah **/
worker.do(function (sessionKey) { /* do other something with session key */});

The worker will handle all the heavy lifting for you...

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