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I am making a website and it shows a certain amount of text. For example:

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse imperdiet venenatis nulla, sed viverra arcu eget ornare. Morbi commodo, ullamcorper nec neque egestas, est est iaculis massa, massa metus et semper at purus. Etiam nisl sed sapien in dapibus aliquet.

Etiam auctor dui quis. Nam et nisi viverra scelerisque freed. In hac habitasse dictumst audience. Donec egestas pain at varius sagittis urn. Enim etiam urn consequat et eget sollicitudin, sagittis in ligula. Maecenas euismod, enim a dictum iaculis, enim vestibu turpis sapien, non convallis my vitae risus libero. Nullam in egestas dui. Etiam in wk erat, sit amet arcu ultricies.

Maecenas quis turpis release, id condimentum neque. Aenean release enim, tempus vitae lobortis sit amet, vulputate id augue. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. "

If the user connects from a tablet, this text produces a scroll, but I would like this text to be paginated, 3 pages page 1 showing in each paragraph, for example.

What I want is to have a very long text stored in a database, a json, xml or whatever, and by device and the size of the screen, showing pages, and that there is no scroll.

¿Someone could help me?

Thank you!

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Use css media queries to determine styles for different device types/screen sizes: http://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/media-queries-for-standard-devices/

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Thanks Ryet0, but use Responsive Design Web with media-queries, but what interests me is to display text in a device, and display the scroll. That is, the amount of text that should appear on the web, it is necessary and according to the device page. If I have a text of 20 paragraphs, as in a computer with resolution of 1200 appear 3 paragraphs, and 7 pages on an iPhone, a paragraph to 20 pages, ... Do not know if what I mean? –  aoiTo Jul 21 '12 at 13:06

You can use PHP-Mobile-Detect to detect the tablet's user agent and display the appropriate content.

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