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i am trying to get a number out of each and every html LI inside the LI there are links as shown in below html code:

<div id="summary">
        <ul class="nobullets last-child">
           <li><a href="#">Blog Posts</a> (9)</li>
           <li><a href="#">Photos</a> </li>
           <li><a href="#">Discussion</a> (10)</li>

As you can see there are numbers beside some of the links inside each of the LIs I want to get only those that have numbers (the blog posts) then store that number into a variable, if they dont have numbers it will just put a 0 into the variable.

But here's my jquery code:

var getblog;
var getphoto;
      if($('#summary').find('ul li:first-child').contents().get(1).nodeValue != 'undefined'){
        getblog = $('#summary').find('ul li:first-child').contents().get(1).nodeValue;
        getblog = parseFloat( getblog.substr(2) );

        getblog = '0';

      //+ li to get the second child
      if($('#summary').find('ul li:first-child + li').contents().get(1).nodeValue != 'undefined'){

        getphoto = $('#summary').find('ul li:first-child + li').contents().get(1).nodeValue;
        getphoto = parseFloat( getphoto.substr(2) );
         getphoto = '0';

firebug is throwing me with an error: TypeError: $("#summary").next().find("ul li:first-child + li").contents().get(1) is undefined

Here's the jsfiddle

the blog is showing 9 which works but the photos is showing NaN instead of 0

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If the first character cannot be converted to a number, parseFloat() returns NaN. photos has no numbers, so it will always return NaN. – Ohgodwhy Jul 20 '12 at 15:09
Your code is weird; you're getting the HTML contents of something - which will be a string value - and then you're checking "nodeValue" on the string. When will that not be undefined? Strings don't have a "nodeValue" property. – Pointy Jul 20 '12 at 15:10
sorry i edited it. – sm21guy Jul 20 '12 at 15:11
it supposed to be .contents().get(1) not .html() , just forgot to change it back. – sm21guy Jul 20 '12 at 15:11
Not quite sure what you're after (you want only lis with numbers, and at the same time if it doesn't have a number you want zero?), but it can be much simpler: – pimvdb Jul 20 '12 at 15:12
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I'm not sure what your code is all trying to accomplish, but if it's just matching e.g. the (3) prefix that's possibly apparent, you can just use .text() and .match() as follows:

    // use a generic function so as not to repeat things
    var getNumber = function(index) {
        return ($("#summary li")  // from the lis
                .eq(index)        // a specific li from the lis
                .contents()       // its contents
                .last()           // number is apparent in the last text node
                .text()           // its text
                // match it against a regexp defining "(somenumbers)";
                // in case of no match, use a dummy array with zeroes
                // (this defines the fallback)
                .match(/\((\d*)\)/) || [0, 0]
    var getblog = getNumber(0);
    var getphoto = getNumber(1);

    $('#summary').after(getblog + '<br>' + getphoto);
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