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Short question: Does a page owner need to be logged in to Facebook for the Wordpress plugin to publish to a page?

Detailed question:

I am trying to configure the Facebook for Wordpress plugin so that it will automatically post things that are published in Wordpress to a specified Facebook page. I was able to make this work initially by using the Social Publisher setting when I was logged in to Facebook.

However, when one of the other authors using the Wordpress site tried to publish a story he received an authentication error from the Facebook plugin. I am trying to understand how the authentication for a page works and whether every user that wants to publish to a page needs to have permission to do so and to be logged in to Facebook while using Wordpress. Or is there a way to authorize the Facebook app that is associated with the Wordpress plugin to publish to a page even if no one is logged in to Facebook.

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Get a page access token as described here, Your app can post to your page using it, no matter who is the actual user who triggers your app’s actions.

Make sure you get yourself a long-lived user access token first – that way you’ll get a page access token that will have no default expiry. (Also it will expire f.i. if the user you used to get it with changes their Facebook password.)

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The page you are linking to seems to provide details for someone writing their own code to do this. It doesn't make any sense how to use this w/ the Facebook for Wordpress plugin. Am I missing something? – James Nov 3 '12 at 18:28

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