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I have a strange tree conflict when integrating revisions into a working copy and I do not understand why ... :(

The development is done in /trunk/project. Revision 619 was branched to /branches/divB/majorwork in order to implement major changes. In parallel, working in trunk continued. In revision 636 the branch was re-integrated into the trunk. svn:mergeinfo of "project" got the entry


Finally, in revision 680, a stable tag was created in /tags/v1.0

Now the HEAD is Rev 706 and I want to create /tags/v1.1 with just a small bugfixes backported to v1.0. The revisions I want to merge from trunk are 682-683.

Now I do the following: 1.) svn switch from my working copy to /tags/v1.0 2.) svn merge revisions 682-683 from /trunk/project into working copy.

However, intead that the small set of files is merged into my working copy, I get a tree conflict on the main directory "project": When I choose "Check for modifications", I get:

Path      Text status             Property status
project   normal                  modified
project   missing, tree conflict

When I compare the "project" folder, I find that:

svn:mergeinfo : Working base:


svn:mergeinfo : Working copy


I do not understand why I get a tree conflict here and what I am doing wrong. My intention was to merge the text files which have changed and then tag the working copy to /tags/v1.1

Can anyone explain?

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Sorry I was really too dumb and missed the forest for the trees ...

I did merge from /trunk rather than /trunk/project ...

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