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I've been trying to achieve this using nested LinearLayouts. Tried setting both width and height to 0dp . But it's not achieving 80% width and height. But it's working when i'm switching it to just single dimension ( ie, just width or height ). Couldn't get any info on it though i googled a lot .

So, now the question : does the Layout Weight work with both dimensions together?.

Note: I cannot use center gravity it , due to the lack of proper width in the children. They need to get it from linearlayout2 ( fill_parent ) .

layout figure

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1、The LinearLayout weight do not work both with width and height, It depends on the orientation of it. the default is Horizontal.

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Damn. Didn't figure that out till now though i used to change to vertical wherever i wanted to use weight on height , Guess it was involuntary!. Except on this occasion, which got me confused. Thanks. –  ngen Jul 20 '12 at 16:19

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