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I am trying to use Matlab user defined function from C++. I have created library using below command.

mcc -B csharedlib:libMyLib myFunction.m

It does not creates mclmcr.h and libmwmclmcrrt.so. I wonder does it a part of runtime library?


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According to the documentation:

All application and software components generated by MATLAB Compiler and the associated builder products need to link against only one MathWorks library, mclmcrrtxx.lib

The .lib and the corresponding header files can be found in $matlabroot/extern, while the .dll/.so shared libraries can be found in $matlabroot/runtime/$arch (or inside the MCR installation)

MATLAB has a convenient function mbuild (you have to set it up once using mbuild -setup). mbuild knows how to invoke the C/C++ compiler with the correct switches so the compiler can find the required include files and libraries. You can use mbuild to create your own executables and link them with MATLAB Compiler-generated shared libraries.

For example, it would be called inside MATLAB as:

>> mbuild testProgram.c -I./distrib -L./distrib -llibMylib

to build a program that links against the C shared library you generated using the MATLAB Compiler, where distrib directory contains those generated files.

Some other references:

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