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I am interested in understanding the state of the art regarding Quantified Self data sources. Specifically:

  • What types of data sources should I expect to see from common QS apps?
  • What types of variations I can expect in common formats (i.e. the GPS Exchange format) Samples of these formats or links to samples of these formats?
  • What are common methods to access the data as an app builder?
  • What are common methods to access raw data as a user/consumer?
  • What are the data access policies for those devices?
  • What devices matter most (please provide references to data, not mere opinion)?

I know this is a big, multipart question, but answering one part of it without the context of the others will make it difficult to make decisions about what to support and use. I plan on doing this research myself for the most popular apps. I will post my answers here, but I wanted others to be able to comment and extend that content. So if you have another app to add, consider putting it here.

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here are the common devices:


  • Data Type: movement data interpolated into steps/sleep data.
  • Users can log other types of health data.
  • Data Variations: none
  • App access: OAuth based access to XML and JSON from
  • User access: data download is a premium feature. Login to (and pay if you have not already) to get download access.

RunKeeper HealthGraph

Map My Run

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