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I am trying to click an element that changes per each order like so




xxx = any three numbers

I have tried using regex like so:

@driver.find_element(:css, "#edit_order_#{\d*} > div.submit > button[name=\"commit\"]").click

@driver.find_element(:xpath, "//*[(@id = "edit_order_#{\d*}")]//button").click

Is this possible? Any other ways of doing this?

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You have no provided any html fragment that you are working on. Hence my answer is just based on the limited inputs provided your question.

I don't think WebDriver APIs support regex for locating elements. However, you can achieve what you want using just plain XPath as follows:

//*[starts-with(@id, 'edit_div_')]//button

Explanation: Above xpath will try to search all <button> nodes present under all elements whose id attribute starts with string edit_div_

In short, you can use starts-with() xpath function in order to match element with id format as edit_div_ followed by any number of characters

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This worked for me (:xpath, "//*button[starts-with(@id, 'edit_div_')]").click – longJOURNEY Jun 3 '15 at 14:57

You cannot use Regexp, like the other answers have indicated.

Instead, you can use a nifty CSS Selector trick:

@driver.find_element(:css, "[id^=\"edit_order_\"] > div.submit > button[name=\"commit\"]").click


  • ^= indicates to find the element with the value beginning with your criteria.

  • *= says the criteria should be found anywhere within the element's value

  • $= indicates to find the element with with your criteria at the end of the value.

  • ~= allows you to find the element based on a single criteria when the actual value has multiple space-seperated list of values.

Take a look at for some more info on other neat CSS tricks you should add to your utility belt!

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No, you can not.

But you should do something like this:

function hasClass(element, className) {
  var re = new RegExp('(?:^|\\s+)' + className + '(?:\\s+|$)');
  return re.test(element.className);
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This worked for me

@driver.find_element(:xpath, "//a[contains(@href, 'person')]").click
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