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When I double-click on the Home button and kill my app, the simulator kind of crashes and dispaly black screen and I have to run it again from Xcode.

I'm sure this is not normal. For example Safari doesn't do that.

Does anyone know what can cause this?

I cleared the method viewWillDissappear, viewDidDissappear, viewWillUnload and viewDidUnload and still didn't help.

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This happens because you're attached to the application's process from Xcode. When you terminate it in the simulator Xcode freaks out - I'm guessing you're getting the error SigKill. This is normal for running apps in the simulator.

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yes! SigKill... ok phew... thanks, you just saved me a lot of nerves and ****ing around :D :) –  Perigo Jul 20 '12 at 16:34

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