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Is it bad to put a header element directly inside a nav ?

Say I want an horizontal bar with "Site::Page" on the left and the list of links to the articles in my page on the right, is it fine to make it this way :

  <header>Fruitland::Three common bananas</header>
  <ul><li>Link to kind 1</li><li>Link to kind 2</li><li>Link to kind 3</li></ul>

or should I rather wrap only the ul in a nav, use a h4 for my left part and a div to bind the whole thing together ?

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Check the spec or just run your markup through the html5 validator. – Matt Ball Jul 20 '12 at 16:49
I did run it through the validator, it is valid, thanks. – Emmanuel Joubaud Jul 22 '12 at 7:14
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No, it is not "bad" but it might be considered best practice to use <h1> here instead. Referring to the first example that W3C documents for the <nav> element, they use a <h1> within a <nav> to describe their navigation menu.

W3C seems to like using <header> in other places, such as within the <body> or an <article> element.

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While its possibly not bad.. I would more likely use the following..

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