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I have several encoded fields that look like this:


The easy part is replacing the "+" with a space.

My challenge is replacing the "%2C" or "%2B" with a space.

Sometime the text after the "%" may be different, but it will always be two characters.

I tried using str_replace("%**", " ",urlencode($string)) but no luck.

Any ideas?

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str_replace() doesn't deal with wildcards. You can use regular expressions for this instead (as long as you're sure that you want to change ALL %** to spaces):

preg_replace("/(%..|\+)+/", ' ', $string);

This will take your $string (which I presume to be already URL encoded) and replace all '+'s and '%**'s with spaces. Note that it will replace the sequence '%2C%2B' with two spaces (for two matches) EDIT: the regular expression now matches any number of space-substitutes and substitutes one space for all of them.

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