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Is it possible to enforce table sorting for a given table or file in Emacs org-mode?

When I say "enforce" I mean the table should get sorted automatically whenever it's realigned (such as when I hit <TAB> or C-c C-c). I want it to be sorted alphabetically according to the first row.

Is there some property I can set to achieve this?

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One option is to "advice" functions you call by keys.

;; advise a functions called by <TAB>
(defadvice org-table-next-field (around auto-sort-advice)
  "Sort table alphabetically according to the first rows"
    (let ((pos (point)))
      ;; to to the first column
      (goto-char (org-table-begin))
      ;; one can change SORTING-TYPE (?a ?A ?n ?N ?t ?T)
      (org-table-sort-lines nil ?a)
      ;; restore position
      (goto-char pos))))

(ad-activate 'org-table-next-field)
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For some reason this just isn't working for me. The function you've written works, but I can't get any advice to work with org-table-next-field (or a couple other org-functions that I tried). I've even tried simple advices such as (message "hi"). –  Bruce Connor Jul 23 '12 at 23:25
@BruceConnor I think (interactive) does not play well with after advice. I changed to around in the answer. –  slitvinov Jul 24 '12 at 7:23

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