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My application needs to process a list of urls, by retrieving their text content. My internet connection is started by

myTimeOut:= 2000;
InternetSetOption(nil, INTERNET_OPTION_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@myTimeOut), SizeOf(myTimeOut));
InternetSetOption(nil, INTERNET_OPTION_SEND_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@myTimeOut), SizeOf(myTimeOut));
InternetSetOption(nil, INTERNET_OPTION_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@myTimeOut), SizeOf(myTimeOut));

I'm launching separate threads for each url reading

read_url_threads[thread_counter]:= TReadURLThread.Create(false);
read_url_threads[thread_counter].FreeOnTerminate:= False;
read_url_threads[thread_counter].myURL:= target_url_list[i];
read_url_threads[thread_counter].output_filename:= local_output_filename;
read_url_threads[thread_counter].NetHandle:= NetHandle;
read_url_threads[thread_counter].limit_text_size:= max_length_url;
hArr[thread_counter]:= read_url_threads[thread_counter].Handle;
if (thread_counter >= max_threads) or
   (thread_counter >= (target_url_list.Count)) then

     rWait:= WaitForMultipleObjects(thread_counter, @hArr,True, 100);
   until rWait <> WAIT_TIMEOUT;

Inside the thread execution I retrieve the url content by:

   if Assigned(NetHandle) and (not EndsText('.pdf',url)) then
      UrlHandle := InternetOpenUrl(NetHandle, PChar(url), nil, 0, 0, 0);
      if Assigned(UrlHandle) then
            InternetReadFile(UrlHandle, @Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer), BytesRead);
            SetString(StrBuffer, PAnsiChar(@Buffer[0]), BytesRead);
            Result := Result + StrBuffer;
          until BytesRead = 0;

My problem is setting the timeout for the InternetReadFile routine. With some urls it gets stuck sometimes for whole minutes. What would be the best way to force a timeout in this cycle?

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Try this related question The connection does not timeout while downloading file from internet – RRUZ Jul 20 '12 at 17:18
been there already... I was hoping there was a new suggestion. If not, how can a "forced thread timeout" can be implemented (never done this...). I've already implemented the thread class. – Miguel E Jul 20 '12 at 17:29
I think you might be able to use InternetCloseHandle (from a separate monitoring thread). Consider Indy's TIdHTTP, which has a read timeout property. Indy's also cross-platform. – Marcus Adams Jul 20 '12 at 17:53
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If the configured timeout has no effect (which is a known bug), then you should close the connection handle, which will force the associated function to fail, thereby returning control to your program. Microsoft article Q224318, "How to control connection timeout value by creating second thread," describes how to do that. (You need a separate thread because the other thread is stuck waiting for InternetReadFile to return.)

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would you go with keeping a timer in the main thread, iterating over the above declared read_url_threads array and checking a "to-be-added" start_time variable in the secondary threads? – Miguel E Jul 20 '12 at 21:35

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