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I was looking over this jquery timer on jsfiddle and it works pretty well. However I want to submit a single form field every x amount of seconds. So for an HTML form like:

<form id="form">
    <input id="first_name" />
    <input type="hidden" id="referrer" />

I would like to submit only the #referrer field to a specific URL without refreshing, redirecting, etc. Possbile? The back end where this is located is not performing any redirects or anything, I just need to get that field value to the backend every so often.

Would I be needing $(#form).submit(){ //do something} since I'm not actually submitting a form? Just sending a variable to another URL.

Ideas? Thanks.

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Have you tried AJAX? – Waleed Khan Jul 20 '12 at 17:28
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jQuery has a nice load of Ajax methods.

You seem to be using the GET method, because that is the default for form (<form method="get">), so the $.get() function seems fine for you. Something along the lines of:

var value = $('#referrer').val(); //let's say the value is the_value
$.get('specific_url', { referrer: value });

This will send a GET request to specific_url with the query string set to referrer=the_value. Please read the linked documentation on how to use this method.

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