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For instance I have a view which displays a list of all the songs I have for a particular set. Is there any solution in rails where you can print the view for each song that is contained within the set? Just so I can save the user having to visit every single song page on the set list. Thanks in advance for any tips.

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This isn't really a rails specific issue, you can do this with javascript.

Basically, what you need to do is have a javascript click event with your print button that loads the other song pages into the current page (with AJAX) but have the contents be hidden on the screen CSS media type, but not hidden on the print media type.

@media print {
  #OtherSongs { display: block }
@media screen {
  #OtherSongs { display: none }

Once everything is set up properly, call print() javascript command.

An alternative to dynamically loading the other song content with AJAX would be to have it there at page load (again hidden in screen media type). This is probably easier to code, but may make the page slower to load initially.

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