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I have Eclipse PDT 3.0.2 All In Ones installed with Aptana Studio 3.2.0 plug-in. When I create a web project (Project Natures/Web is set to primary) with javascript file and try to use code completion (ctrl + space) this results in "No Default proposals" message. I can right-click on project and select "Configure/Convert to JavaScript Project" though but this is the feature of Eclipse not Aptana.

P.S. CSS and HTML code completion works fine.

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What are the other natures of your project? – Ingo Muschenetz Jul 20 '12 at 19:26
None at the moment. I am just testing basic js functionality in conjuction with XHTML & CSS. BTW I have a Javascript Editor as a default editor for .js files (preferences window: savepic.su/2225780.gif) and therefore I have doubts that this is Aptana js editor. – Dmitrii S. Jul 21 '12 at 9:03
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That did it. I have changed an editor associated with .js files to JavaScript Source editor instead of JavaScript Editor which was set as default at installation. It would be nice if they added "Aptana" after the name of editor to distinguish it from other editors.

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