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I used pivot to reshape my data and now have a column multiindex. I want the resulting columns to be the X variables in a simple OLS regression. The Y's are another series with the same row index.

When I try running

model1 = ols(y = gdp0, x = MIDAS_small)

I get

TypeError: can only call with other hierarchical index objects

I can imagine two solutions but can't figure out either one:

  1. Collapse the multiindex. Rather than having columns of the form ('before', 'var1') and ('after', 'var1'), I would just have a bunch of 'beforevar1', 'aftervar1', etc. Then I could use ols to produce a nice and sufficiently legible table.

  2. Is there some way to run a regression with a multiindex? It seems like it was designed in part for this sort of thing, especially panel regressions, but I couldn't find any relevant examples or documentation.

Well, I found an inelegant solution to #1: I can create a new dataframe, loop over both column indexes, and insert new columns into the new dataframe with the same name, but with names as strings instead of tuples. There must be a more elegant, single command, right?

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please add an example dataset – bmu Jul 22 '12 at 16:26

Have you tired using dmatricies from Patsy to prepare a regression friendly DataFrame?

An example is located here:


Im sure you are aware of the .unstack() function in pandas that would allow you remove the hierarchical indexing, but it with dmatrices could produce the result that your looking for.

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