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Building a Shopping Cart app. Some products have options, some don't. I visitor can purchase a product either with or without the associate option if that product does have options.

I have the following JOIN statement to pull all the relative data for the shopping cart output:

SELECT tblshopping_cart.cart_id, 
FROM tblshopping_cart
INNER JOIN tblproducts ON tblshopping_cart.product_id = tblproducts.product_id
INNER JOIN tblproduct_options 
        ON tblshopping_cart.product_option = tblproduct_options.option_product_id
WHERE tblshopping_cart.session_id = '$session_id'
ORDER BY tblshopping_cart.product_qty ASC

It works if all the products in the cart all have associated tblshopping_cart.product_option's that exists in the tblproduct_options table. If a product doesn't have a valid option, it only returns those that do.

By default, any product added without an option gets added to the cart with the value of "0" for the product_option value. If the site user does choose an option, the option value gets added instead.

What I need to do is pull in the Options information (text and upcharge) IF that row has a valid option_product_id.

I hope that makes sense and thanks for the help.


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You should use a LEFT JOIN if you don't want to require your record set to have a relationship to product_option.

It would look like this:

LEFT JOIN tblproduct_options 
ON tblshopping_cart.product_option = tblproduct_options.option_product_id
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Your both right - wish I could check both to say thanks! – Brett Jul 20 '12 at 21:09

Instead of doing an INNER JOIN against tblproduct_options you should be doing a LEFT OUTER JOIN so that you get both products with and without an associated option.

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