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I'd like to select the whole rows in QTableView and only rows. User shouldn't know that there are any cells. I can set a proper SelectionMode but still:

  • each cell has a rounded corner when it's row is selected
  • moving mouse on QTableView moves "focus" and selects cell under a cursor

How can I avoid this problems?

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Please try QTableView's method

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setting behaviour to SelectRows and Mode to SingleSelection ends in situation, when I can select rows, but still moving mouse over QTableView changes color of cells under it. And still each cell in selected row has rounded corners. – Dejwi Jul 21 '12 at 3:56
Setting both behaviour and mode like this temporarily allowed me to call selectRow (while the user has Shift down) without selecting multiple rows, great. – OregonGhost Mar 21 '13 at 14:40

I had the same problem.

I ended up using a QTreeView, which supports multiple columns (like a table). The default drag'n'drop behavior lets you drag, move and reorder only rows.

To make it look and behave like a row-interaction-only table, you need to set these properties:

  • allColumnsShowFocus = true (so you don't see the focus frame around a specific (column) item)
  • headerHidden = false (to enable table headers)
  • itemsExpandable = false (can be ignored, if all other properties are set correctly)
  • rootIsDecorated = false (this hides the expand handles for topLevelItems)
  • selectionBehavior = SelectRows
  • selectionMode = SingleSelection (or as you wish...)
  • for moving rows:
    • dragEnabled = true
    • acceptDrops = true
    • showDropIndicator = true
    • editTriggers::selectedClicked = false
    • all item's item flags:
      • ItemIsSelectable = true
      • ItemIsDragEnabled = true
      • ItemIsDropEnabled = false (so you can't drag a topLevelItem to become child of another item)
      • ItemIsEnabled = true

Now if you only use topLevelItems, the treeView behaves as you want it.

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