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I have created three prototype cells in a split view master view controller, each will hold an NSArray. I also gave each cell a unique identifier. I need for the cell, when pressed by user to go to its own individual view controller. Please tell me how to code/format the cellForRowAtIndexPath part. I have read many posts saying---now you just need to change the cell for row part--making it sound like something really simple---but code example not given and I just don't see it.

Please Help--been trying to figure this out for hours now!


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Are you using storyboards? – DROP TABLE users Jul 20 '12 at 21:07

If you are using storyboards you can do it in the storyboard because you are using prototype cells. You can just make a new push to the view controller for example for each of your three cells. I beleive that the cellForRowAtIndexPath is more for dynamic cells.

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