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I have to render a dinamic number of elements depending on some rules determined in the snippet. After that I need to react to user interaction in any of this rendered elements. To determine what element is the one that fired the event I decided to read the id of the element.

Eg. Snippet

def render = list.view.zipwithindex.map( case (value,index) => "*" #> <button id="{index}">{value}<button>)

To get something like this:

<button id="1">One</button>
<button id="2">Two</button>
<button id="3">Three</button>

The problem is that what I'm getting is something like this:

<button id="{index}">One</button>
<button id="{index}">Two</button>
<button id="{index}">Three</button>

What's wrong? I have tested using single quotes, double quotes, scaping using """{index}""" and nothing works.

Just as an extra, moving the id as this is a good way of proceeding or theres a fancier way to achieve this using lift?


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Just avoid the quotes completely.

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Damm, your are right! Thanks and sorry the silly question. –  rsan Jul 20 '12 at 22:01
It’s a bit unexpected. I think I’ve wondered about that as well at some point. :) –  Debilski Jul 20 '12 at 22:05

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