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I'd like to create a simple web page where anyone (ie, nontechnical users) on our team can go, click a button that says "Run All Tests", and then see a nicely formatted version of the results of a cucumber run.

Essentially, all I want is a nice web wrapper over the command-line results of typing cucumber features from my project root.

Are there are any open source projects that provide this functionality?

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Yes. It's one of tasks of continuous integration systems. Despite just running your tests after hitting button, they can:

  • run them after commit, installing of build, according to schedule
  • email you with test results
  • store results of previous runs in convenient way

I advice you to use Jenkins as a continuous integration system as it has plugin that will allow you to presents test results very nicely. Despite it's name plugin can be used with all versions of Cucumber, not just Cucumber-JVM, that can format their output as JSON.

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