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Listener port SonicLogQCF.CIILog could not be started.

Missing Tab (Runtime)

When i noticed with other working Application Server listener ports, i can see two tabs one with title Configuration and one with title Runtime. ( As shown below )

enter image description here

However in not working listener port i can only see one tab with title Configuration

enter image description here





Adding more Details ( as per Manglu ):

I have a weird situation for example

  1. Application named "ABC" has Runtime tab for Logs and Trace, but no Runtime tab for listening port for the same Application - NOT WORKING

  2. Application named "XYZ" has no Runtime tab for both logs and trace and listening port - NOT WORKING

  3. Application named "QWE" has Runtime tab for both logs and trace and listening port - WORKING

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Missing Runtime tab typically implies that the server is not running or the Dmgr is unable to get hold of the server (via the SOAP or RMI internal communication calls).

Is the runtime tab available in the other parts of the console (for example trace section)?

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i have added more details in question, let me know your thoughts –  Mad-D Jul 23 '12 at 5:41
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Finally able to fix the problem but don't have answer for root cause.

Application servers > "Application"

Configurations (this is tab)

enter image description here

unchecked "Start component as needed" as shown below

enter image description here

Apply --> Ok ---> Save

restart the server and you should see all listener ports RUNNING

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This sounds interesting!!. Start Components as needed is simply a flag which controls when components are started. if this is turned off,all the WAS components are started up at start server time (making the start time longer). If it is turned off and the run-time notices it needs it, it would start on demand when it is required to. For production machines, i would never do this. As a side comment, I would also not "allow" access to internal server classes. –  Manglu Jul 24 '12 at 4:05

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