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Iv'e read a lot on this now, and I have found examples of how with the newer ADT's switch statements have to be given constant expressions, but nothing is every mentioned about @Inject.

Here is an example of my problematic code.

 import roboguice.inject.InjectView;
 public abstract class YpListActivity extends GuiceListActivity 

     Button btnSearch;
     View btnSpeech;
     EditText etWhat;
     EditText etWhere;
     TextView tvIn;
     TextView tvLocation;
     private ToggleButton tvCustom;
     private ImageView iconButton;

Every time I try and use something like @injectView(R.id.*), eclipse throws the error:

"The value for annotation attribute InjectView.value must be a constant expression."

I even tried changing it to this:

     private static final int btnsrch = new Integer(R.id.btnSearch);

     @InjectView(btnsrch )
     TableRow btnSearch ;

How is "btnsrch" not a constant expression??

Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this?

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Change Java semantics, I guess. –  Dave Newton Jul 20 '12 at 23:21
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