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I'm checking out files that have Linux style line endings (just LF char). When I check out a file with TortoiseSVN in Windows, it converts the line endings to Windows style (CR+LF). I've tried adding the lines to the subversion config file to force it to use LF, and yes, I did set the enable-auto-props = yes. This doesn't work, and even if it did, it's not exactly what I want, because I'd rather have TSVN simply not touch the files. Just copy them as is.

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As others have pointed out, you need to set the svn:eol-style property. This property can have three values:

  • LF: Set end-of-lines automatically to Unix line endings upon checkout and commit.
  • CRLF: Set end-of-lines automatically to Windows line endings upon checkout and commit.
  • native: This will store line endings upon commit to Unix line endings (LF), but will checkout the line endings with either LF or CRLF based upon the client.

You can set the auto-props settings in your $HOME/.subversion/config file to automatically attach this property to all new files. However, this is something each user must set in their Subversion client. To enforce setting this property, you can use my pre-commit hook which will reject commits if the files you've specified don't have the properties you've specified set to their correct values.

This is a crude bludgeon since it won't correct the problem, but after one or two failed commits, developers will quickly set their auto-props up to automatically add the needed properties.

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The auto-props configuration setting only works for new files, not for existing files. For those you have to set the svn:eol-style property for each file.

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