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I'm working on an iOS app and I'm having intermittent SSL failures when I try to access some of the APIs on our API server. The failures don't happen all the time, but they happen enough to be a significant problem. When an SSL failure occurs, the error code reported is errSSLCrypto, or "underlying cryptographic error" (-9809). I mostly see these problems when the app attempts to login, but I sometimes see it when accessing other APIs.

The app was written using ASIHTTPRequest and here is the code to construct the login request:

ASIFormDataRequest *loginFormDataRequest = [[ASIFormDataRequest alloc] initWithURL:...];
loginFormDataRequest.timeOutSeconds = 30.0f; // Included in an attempt to fix timeout problems
loginFormDataRequest.shouldAttemptPersistentConnection = NO; // Included in an attempt to fix timeout problems
[loginFormDataRequest addPostValue:self.username forKey:@"username"];
[loginFormDataRequest addPostValue:self.password forKey:@"password"];
[loginFormDataRequest addPostValue:@"1" forKey:@"applogin"];
loginFormDataRequest.delegate = self;
[loginFormDataRequest setDidFinishSelector:@selector(didFinishLoginFormDataRequest:)];
[loginFormDataRequest setDidFailSelector:@selector(didFailLoginFormDataRequest:)];
[loginFormDataRequest startAsynchronous];

Pretty straightforward.

I already updated ASIHTTPRequest in response to Apple's Technical Note TN2287 and that did not help. Neither did setting the validatesSecureCertificate property to NO.

The encrypted connection to the server seems to check out okay. Chrome says:

  • Your connection to [the server] is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
  • The connection uses TLS 1.0.
  • The connection is encrypted using CAMELLIA_256_CBC, with SHA1 for message authentication and DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.
  • The connection is compressed with DEFLATE.

The server is being contacted on port 442 using https. I also tried an implementation of this login code using MKNetworkKit and I still intermittently saw an SSL error so I don't think the problem is with ASIHTTPRequest.

I'm out of ideas, so I'd be grateful for any insight any one might have. Thanks in advance for your help!

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