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I've been using this pattern whenever I need to create a class that might need to be instantiated multiple times and I want to prevent private methods from being accessed outside of the object.

What's the name for this JavaScript pattern?


var baseball = (function() {

    var _add = function(value) {
         value = value + 5;
         return value;

    var constructor = function(iVal) {
       this.baseball = true;
       this.num = iVal; 

    constructor.prototype.add = function() {
         this.num = _add(this.num);

    return constructor;


var test = new baseball(5);
var testb = new baseball(6);

The names, values and methods in the example above are completely meaningless; I just want to illustrate the syntax, structure, and usage of the pattern.

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This is a module pattern, almost a revealing module pattern. See the linked pages by Addy Osmani for information about it and many other useful Javascript design patterns.

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The module pattern is nearly identical to my example, but it looks like the module pattern is only instantiated once--since it returns an object rather than a prototyped function. –  Elliot B. Jul 20 '12 at 23:33

yes, module pattern, but is also borderline revealer pattern.

i guess it could be considered the "revealer module pattern" if you wanted to be generous with there only being 1 single return function

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