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Hi I'm trying to run the following query but nothing seems to be returned All I want to is to return the job_discription for the choosen job_type from my jobs table.

Please any help would be great as I have spent hours trying to solve it.

Thank you


<input type="hidden" name="JOB_TYPE" value="<?php print $_POST['JOB_TYPE'];?>"/>


$Result = mysqli_query($DB, $Query);  

$Result = mysqli_query($DB,$Query)or die(mysqli_error($DB));

while ($Row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($Result))  // Now we go through the data displaying 

print  $Row ['JOB_DISCRIPTION']  ;  

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Duplicate question. Continuation of SQL query doesn't seem to work –  codewaggle Jul 22 '12 at 1:12

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First, the code is very prone to sql injection: you shouldn't use the $_POST data directly. Second remove the last condition if you want a description for a particular type.

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+1 Good point about cleaning the $_POST data. Here's a discussion on how to handle it for anyone interested: htmlentities vs htmlspecialchars –  codewaggle Jul 21 '12 at 0:09

Remove the AND statement from the end:


Also remove the parenthesis ( ) from around the query statement.

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" -- quotation marks are only required at the start and end
     , JOB_DISCRIPTION -- some people spell description with an 'e'
  FROM jobs  
 WHERE jobs.JOB_TYPE =$_POST['JOB_TYPE']    -- escape data (using modern methods) to prevent injection and note 
   AND jobs.JOB_DISCRIPTION = 'JOB_DISCRIPTION'; -- This is really strange
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