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I have a div box with a ul list and I want to show 3 li items one under each other and then slide/toggle another 3 items from my list.

For example in my ul I will have 9 li items, but I what to show only 3 items first and then upon clicking a next button i will the next three and upon clicking the previous button I will see the last 3 in the list.

Is this possible?

My sample code:

    <li>item 1</li>
    <li>item 2</li>
    <li>item 3</li>
    <li>item 4</li>
    <li>item 5</li>
    <li>item 6</li>
    <li>item 7</li>
    <li>item 8</li>
    <li>item 9</li>
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it might easier to split them into 3 lists, rather than have them all under a single ul element – MrOBrian Jul 21 '12 at 0:13

You could do something like:

var showNumber = 3;
var startPos = 0;
var endPos = showNumber;
var $List = $('ul li');
$List.hide().slice(startPos ,endPos).fadeIn();

$('a').click( function() {
    startPos = startPos + showNumber;
    endPos = endPos + showNumber;
    $List.hide().slice(startPos ,endPos).fadeIn();
    return false;


Basicly what it does, it sets a number of how many to show at a time (showNumber), then determines the start and end index to slice.

To extend it you could make an check on the length so you can hide the "next" link when you are the last set of elements.

Hope it helps :)

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How about something like this

jsFiddle Here

    var index = $('ul li:visible').last().index() +2
    $('ul li:visible').slideUp().last().nextUntil(':nth-child('+index+'n+3)').slideDown();
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jsBin demo

// ======= EDIT HERE ===========
var $el = $('li');
var showN = 3;
// =============================
var elTot = $el.length;
var c = 0;
$('ul li').slice(showN).hide();
function toggle(){
   var cc= c<=-1 ? c=elTot-showN : c=c%elTot;
$('#prev, #next').click(function(){
  id ='next' ? (c+=showN) : (c-=showN);
// =============================
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