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I am trying to make a basic simulation with opengl in cocoa. How can I do that? Can anyone give me the most basic example for that using NSTimer? I have tried Core Display Link but it does not seem to work with c++ code.

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I would highly recommend you not use NSTimer, as you would have to deal with stuff such as vertical synchronization so your animation doesn't appear as laggy. Apple's developer site has a really good technical note on this and I highly recommend you read it. If you still don't want to use CVDisplayLink, feel free to use NSTimer as it is described (Though as the Q&A says, you should only use the Timer if you're programming for 10.3) As for your problem with C++, are you using Objective-C++? Cause I'm working on a Objective-C++ project currently that uses CVDisplayLink and it works perfectly. Remember to add the quartz core framework in your and import CVDisplayLink as

#import <QuartzCore/CVDisplayLink>

And it work should work fine.

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