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So I wanted to precompile ejs templates into a .js file

var compiled = ejs.compile(source);
fs.writeFileSync(target, 'myTemplateFunction = ' + compiled);

but that serilalizes into

function (locals){
   return fn.call(this, locals, filters, utils.escape);

what's the best way to pre-compile and write ejs templates into a .js file

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You can create a templates.js file (either manually or in the code) as an empty module. Then after compiling templates, attached the compiled function onto the empty module.

var ejs = require('ejs');
var fs = require('fs');

fs.writeFileSync('./template.js', 'module.exports = { }', 'utf8');

var compiled = ejs.compile(fs.readFileSync('./example.ejs', 'utf8'));

// Add an example function to the template file that uses the compiled function
require('./template').example = compiled;

// Get the example template again (this could be in another file for example)
var output = require('./template').example;
var html = output({ id: 10, title: 'Output' });

Since modules are cached by default, you should be able to require('./template.js') wherever you need and it will have all of the precompiled templates attached.

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