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As the title says, what function or check can I do to find out if a lua element is a table or not?

local elem = {['1'] = test, ['2'] = testtwo}
if (elem is table?) // <== should return true
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print(type(elem)) -->table

the type function in Lua returns what datatype it's first parameter is (string)

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LOL, thanks! -=] – unwise guy Jul 21 '12 at 3:43

In the context of the original question,

local elem = {['1'] = test, ['2'] = testtwo}
if (type(elem) == "table") then
  -- do stuff
  -- do other stuff instead

Hope this helps.

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You may find this helps readability:

local function istable(t) return type(t) == 'table' end
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Use type():

local elem = {1,2,3}
print(type(elem) == "table")
-- true
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