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In my apps i'm used RevMob sdk for advertisement. In First view advertisement banner is shown using this code.

[RevMobAds showBannerAdWithAppID:@"xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"];

And in second view i'm hide the banner using the code..

[RevMobAds hideBannerAdWithAppID:@"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"];

This code run perfectly banner is shown in first view and hide in another view.

But my problem is this when i'm writing code to show popup in appilicationdidbecomeactivemethod:

- (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application
     [RevMobAds showPopupAdWithAppID:@"xxxxxxxxxxxxx"];

Then in second view bannerAdd is not hide it will still appear in the second view.

I'm not able to realize what is the problem. if u have any suggestion plz help me...

Thanks in advance.

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The methods that you are using are deprecated, you should use:

[RevMobAds showBannerAd];
[RevMobAds hideBannerAd];
[RevMobAds showPopup];

You can see more on the api documentation: http://sdk.revmob.com/ios-api/index.html

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