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My apologies if this is a duplicate question, but I haven't come across anything that is of much help.

I am building a website for a client that is an index of their eBay and Amazon stores. This requires building a list of products that are currently in each. The eBay API has a GetSellerItems call that is simple enough, but I am having a harder time finding something similar in Amazon's AWS.

I've looked at the Product Advertising API briefly, but I am not convinced this is what I need.

Basically, how do I retrieve a list of a specific Amazon store's products with PHP?

Thanks for any leads or tips.

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http://aws.amazon.com/code/Product-Advertising-API/4373 I think this is one of the most popular one's

There are also other php based libraries available at..


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I was best able to get the inventory of my store by registering with Amazon Marketplace Web Services (https://developer.amazonservices.com/) and using the reports API.

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