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Here's a simple sinatra app that displays the results of a cucumber run in the browser:

require 'sinatra'

get '/' do
    `cucumber features --format html`

get '/ls' do

The root route works fine, and does what I want on my local machine: It executes cucumber and shows the results. The problem is that on my server I get the error No such file or directory - cucumber features --format html.

Troubleshooting I've Done So Far

  • Ran the ls route. It works both locally and on the server, and shows results from the directory I expect in both cases -- the same directory the sinatra app runs in.
  • Ran cucumber features --format html from the command line over ssh on the server. Again, it works fine and the output is what I expect.

So why am I getting the error when I run it through sinatra using ruby's backticks?


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Are you sure cucumber is installed on the server? If so, and it was installed via bundler, try changing the command to this:

bundle exec cucumber ...


Turns out cucumber was not in the path. Solution is to use the full path to cucumber.

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as i said in the op, running cucumber from the command line over ssh works fine, so it must be installed on the server. also, i know because i installed it :) it was not installed via bundler, but simply with a gem install cucumber –  Jonah Jul 21 '12 at 5:30
Interesting. Are you using rvm or rbenv, and is it possible the gem bin folder isn't in the path for the server's shell? Easiest way to check is to print the $PATH from the server. –  Tanzeeb Khalili Jul 21 '12 at 5:38
This is the problem. It's on my path but not on the path of the web server. Thanks Tanzeeb! –  Jonah Jul 21 '12 at 5:45
Awesome, updated the answer. –  Tanzeeb Khalili Jul 21 '12 at 5:51

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