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I want to replace the following 3 lines:

this.CSType = typeof(DateTimeOffset?);
this.CSTypeString = "Target";
this.MappedCSType = SQLTypes.MappedCSType.NullableDateTimeOffset;

With this:

result = "Target";

So I try to use this regex:

Find: :bthis.CSType = typeof(*);\n:bthis.CSTypeString = "{[^"]+}";\n:bthis.MappedCSType = SQLTypes.MappedCSType.*;

Replace: result = "\1";

But there is an error: Grouped expression is missing ')'.

Is there any fault in my expression? what is your suggestion?

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I think the problem with your regex is that you do not have group defined. I suppose you tried to define group by using pair of {[^"]+} which is not syntactically correct. Groups are defined using round brackets (). Also typeof(*) will not match typeof(DateTimeOffset?).

You can try following xpath

this.CSType = typeof\(.*\);\nthis.CSTypeString = "([^"]+)";\nthis.MappedCSType = SQLTypes.MappedCSType.*

Notice pair of round brackets ([^"]+). This group i.e group 1 will match Target string. You can validate this xpath at http://regexpal.com

Hope this helps

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