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I am using codeigniter 2.1.2, WAMP, im just learning it and encountered a problem. all i did was following -> created a view "home.php" with some text in it. -> created a controller "homecontroller.php" as follows:


class homecontroller extends CI_Controller{

    function iloadhomepage(){

up till here it works fine when i run


next I changed the default controller in "routes.php" (in config) to

$route['default_controller'] = "homecontroller";

so that when i run "http://localhost/CodeIgniterTut/index.php" i would get my "home.php" but rather im getting a 404 error, am i doing a mistake anywhere? please help

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put this in homecontroller.php

class Homecontroller extends CI_Controller{

        public function index(){

then type localhost/CodeIgniterTut/index.php,and also make every class name begin with a capital letter (thats a standard of coding).

"The "index" function is always loaded by default if the second segment of the URI is empty,The second segment of the URI determines which function in the controller gets called". according to ci manual.

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thanks! that works. –  vineetrok Jul 21 '12 at 7:46

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