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I'm trying to use sequelizejs 1.4, and after reading the docs, am still confused about associations.

var User = sequelize.define('User', {/* ... /}) var Project = sequelize.define('Project', {/ ... */})


do I have to include this code every time ? I was trying to separate out the models to single files, but looking at this makes me think that I need to have user defined in the project model.

Or, do I need to associate the models at a higher level ?

p1 = new Project() u1 = new User()


just doesn't seem right to me. I know that I must be missing something obvious, and just need someone to pull the switch that turns on the light :)


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Short answer, yes.

Just create an association file that will have the associations:

module.exports = function(db){
var sup = db.import(__dirname+'/sup.js');
var node = db.import(__dirname+'/node.js');

return db;

Now in your app or main file just require this after you create your database:

var database = new Sequelize(...);
database = require(__dirname+'/association.js');
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For each model create a file like this: Car.js, City.js

Then in each model you do like this:

module.exports.getModel = function(sequelize){sequelize.define("Car"...)}

To do this you want to abstract away the way is done like this:

        var sequelize = this.__connection;
        var Sequelize = require('sequelize');
        var rootFolder = this.__rootFolder;
        var modelsNames = this.getModelsNames(rootFolder);

        var i = k = modelsNames.length;
        var modelName;
        var models = {};
        var modelFactoryFn;

        // load models
            modelName = modelsNames[i];
            var Model = require(path.resolve(rootFolder, modelName)).getModel(sequelize);
                throw new Error("No model returned from " + path.resolve(rootFolder, modelName));
            models[modelName] = Model;

        // build associations
        var modelFile;

            modelName = modelsNames[k];
            modelFile = require(path.resolve(rootFolder, modelName));

        this.__models = models;

I know it can be better but this allows you to work right now, and is better explained than with words.

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