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My bash script is:

output=$(curl -s | sed -nr 's/.*<title>(.*?)<\/title>.*/\1/p')

score=echo"$output" | awk '{print $1}'
echo $score

The above script prints just a newline in my console whereas my required output is

$ curl -s | sed -nr 's/.*<title>(.*
?)<\/title>.*/\1/p' | awk '{print $1}'


So, why am I not getting the output from my bash script whereas it works fine in terminal am I using echo"$output" in the wrong way.

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output=$(curl -s | sed -nr 's/.*<title>(.*?)<\/title>.*/\1/p')
score=$( echo "$output" | awk '{ print $1 }' )

echo "$score"

Score variable was probably empty, since your syntax was wrong.

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The syntax is not universally wrong, it just sets $score to echo$output and pipes the output of assignment (which is none) to awk ;-) – Michael Krelin - hacker Jul 21 '12 at 8:34

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