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Is is possible to have reference to module in haskell? I have several modules, each of them expose the same interface(two functions of same name and signature). Is it possible to have a list of such modules, to call function for each module.

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What about defining a data type for the interface? Each module provides a single instance of the datatype and then you can iterate through all instances.

-- ModuleInterface.hs
-- Replace types of the functions with actual types
data ModuleInterface = ModuleInterface (Int -> Bool -> Int) (String -> Int)

-- ModuleA.hs
moduleInterface :: ModuleInterface
moduleInterface = ModuleInterface f1 f2
-- Declare f1 and f2

-- ModuleB.hs
moduleInterface :: ModuleInterface
moduleInterface = ModuleInterface f1 f2
-- Declare f1 and f2

-- Main.hs
-- Simple example showing how to "call" all of the functions. If you are doing
-- IO, then you would have to use something like mapM.
transform :: [ModuleInterface] -> Int -> Bool -> String -> [(Int, Int)]
transform interfaces i b s = map f interfaces
    where f (ModuleInterface g h) = (g i b, h s)
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I'm not sure what you want, but name conflicts are usually resolved with simply using qualified imports. In the example below one observes the S. and M. to explicitly say which module the function or type is in.

import qualified Data.Set as S
import qualified Data.Map as M

mySet :: S.Set Int 
mySet = S.fromList [1,2,3]

myMap :: M.Map String Int 
myMap = M.fromList [("a", 1), ("b", 2), ("c", 3)] 

main = do
  print mySet
  print myMap
  print $ S.member 2 mySet
  print $ M.lookup "c" myMap

But it seems from your question that you look for some meta programming solutions, where you have values that are modules, say setModule, mapModule :: Module, and use getters on it like getFunctions :: Module -> [Functions]. I'm certain this doesn't exist since it's not fitting in with a statically typed language. However, you probably can whip something up if you heavily misuse Template Haskell or macros.

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Yes, TH is idea. Thanks. – KAction Jul 21 '12 at 10:34

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