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I will be making an javascript application using either backbonejs or canjs for the frontend and need a server-side language to connect to the database. Would node.js work fine for this?

I cant find any docs on someone trying to use node.js as the backend...

really not trying to use php, rails, asp, etc...

Examples/explanations would be great! Thanks!

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Here's a set of links to resources that I've found quite useful.

Basic Node.js and Backbone application

Todos MVC with Backbone, Node.js and MongoDB

Reusing Backhonejs models on server side with Node

Hope this helps.

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These are some great resources. If you choose to use socket.io with your backbone for real time updates, this library has worked great for me: github.com/logicalparadox/backbone.iobind –  Dennis Burton Jul 21 '12 at 11:13
Thanks. Will check it out. –  almypal Jul 21 '12 at 12:13
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You could definitely use node.js for this

Check out express.js for a simple API to deal with your requests. They have some great docs.

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Yes of course. You could also check out http://www.nodebeginner.org.

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